柯富仁 博士

Frank (Fu-Jen) Ko, Ph.D.
Chairman and CEO

Dr. Frank (Fu-Jen) Ko currently serves as the Chairman and CEO of E Ink Holdings Inc. Dr. Ko joined E Ink in December 2013 as the Chief Strategy Officer, responsible for corporate future growth strategies and management planning. Dr. Ko has been appointed the Chairman and CEO of E Ink Holdings Inc. in June 2014. He leads E Ink Holdings through the transformation into an ePaper focused company.

Dr. Ko received his M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Photonics from National Chiao-Tung University in 2000 and a B.Sc. in Electro Physics in 1995. Dr. Ko joined Unipac (now AU Optronics) in 2000 and had worked in several positions in R&D department and Business Unit. Dr. Ko previously served as the General Manager of Television Business Group and Vice President of Technology and Strategic Planning office in AU Optronics.




Johnson Lee

Mr. Johnson Lee currently serves as the President and board of director for E Ink Holdings Inc. He leads E Ink global sales team and manages all business units within E Ink group of companies. Mr. Lee joined Prime View International (PVI, now E Ink Holdings) in 2006 when PVI entered the ePaper business through the acquisition of ePaper business from Philips. He joined PVI as associate Vice President of Research and Development of ePaper system and had led various ePaper solutions development, including eReader devices. Since 2006, Mr. Lee held various positions within PVI from Head of FAE, Head of Quality Control, Head of ePaper Business Unit as well as Head of ePaper Business Development. Mr. Lee also serves as the Chairman of Transcend Optronics, the ePaper module manufacturing arm of E Ink, since 2010. In addition, Mr. Lee continues to serve as the Chairman of Hydis Technology since 2012 and helped Hydis throughout the transition from a LCD manufacturing company to a LCD licensing company. Mr. Lee has been appointed President of E Ink Holdings Inc. in June 2014. Mr. Lee is concurrently serving as board of directors at various listed technology companies in Taiwan.

Mr. Lee received his bachelor degrees from Tufts University in 1998.