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E Ink Gallery™

Advanced Color ePaper (ACeP)

E Ink Gallery™, based on the Advanced Color ePaper (ACeP™) is a high quality, full color reflective display. In the ACeP™ system, the ink can produce full color at every pixel, without the use of a color filter array (CFA).

ACeP™ achieves a full color gamut, including all eight primary colors, using only colored pigments. The display utilizes a single layer of electrophoretic fluid which is controlled using voltages compatible with commercial TFT backplanes. The fluid can be incorporated into either microcapsule or Microcup® structures. The richness of the colors is achieved by having all the colored pigments in every picture element (pixel) rather than the side-by-side pixel colors achieved with a CFA. This eliminates the light attenuation, which can be quite significant. ACeP™ maintains the ultra-low-power and paper-like readability under all lighting conditions of regular E Ink ePaper.

E Ink Gallery™ Plus

This next generation, full color ePaper module, has a color gamut ideally reaching 60,000, an improvement over the earlier generations. The contrast ratio is improved by 40%, from 10 to 14, providing a more impactful visual experience. The look and feel of the new generation is similar to color prints, with the benefit of digital changes that allow for instant updates to match with promotion and communication needs. E Ink Gallery Plus will be available in various sizes for customers, including 13.3-inch, 25.3-inch, and 28-inch and is targeted for indoor commercial signage for retail, restaurants, transportation and public information displays.

E Ink Gallery™ 3

In Gallery 3, the black and white update time has been improved to 350 milliseconds (ms), the fast color mode is 500 ms, standard color mode is 750-1000 ms and best color is achieved at 1500 ms. This is a substantial improvement over the first generation of E Ink Gallery, which had a black and white update time of two seconds and color updates of ten seconds. In addition, Gallery 3 will have an improved resolution of 300 pixels per inch (ppi) versus the earlier 150ppi and an operating temperature of 0-50 degrees Celsius, on par with black and white eReaders. E Ink Gallery 3 will also support pen input in black and white, with an addition of several other colors and an update time of 30 ms. E Ink Gallery 3 will be featuring E Ink’s new ComfortGaze™ front light, which offers a blue-light safe viewing experience.

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E Ink Gallery™ Palette
Advanced Color ePaper (ACeP)

E Ink Gallery Palette uses the same full-color ePaper film as our ACeP product but is driven by simpler electronics to support cost sensitive applications that do not require the full-color performance of ACeP. Gallery Palette supports the seven most frequently used colors in advertising and signage, namely: Black, White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and Orange. Gallery Palette is geared toward applications where power autonomy is an essential requirement but only need a limited color range. Our customers are using Gallery Palette in areas such as smart digital badges, movable advertisement, indoor signage and lots more.

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E Ink Kaleido™
Print Color ePaper

E Ink Kaleido™ displays offer 16 levels of grayscale and are capable of displaying 4096 colors, enable ultra low power and high mobility devices with a paper-like experience, ideal for image-rich information applications such as charts, graphs, maps, photos, comics and advertising. And just like E Ink's monochrome ePaper products, Kaleido’s crisp text and detailed color graphics are fully viewable in direct sunlight, and have the same low power attributes.

An E Ink Kaleido™ Module is comprised of a TFT backplane, Ink layer, Color Filter layer and Protective Sheet.

E Ink Kaleido™ utilizes a new printed Color Filter Array (CFA) technology in conjunction with E Ink’s second generation Carta ink, which is faster and brighter than previous generations. The new printing process alleviates the need for a glass-based CFA, making the displays thinner and lighter than previous generations, while simultaneously having higher optical quality. This allows eReader companies to combine the power of traditional black and white displays with color for a more fully realized eBook shopping experience. In addition, E Ink’s faster ink enables quicker updates for animations and page turns. With this new color technology, E Ink’s eNote product lines are now able to introduce writing tablets with color highlighters, pens and markers, giving new options for education and professional devices.

E Ink Kaleido™ Plus

In early 2021 E Ink released a new generation in the Kaleido family, named E Ink Kaleido™ Plus. In this new version, we’ve made adjustments to the printed CFA, to allow for a better color balance, and printing texture, and we’ve brought the CFA closer to the ink, to reduce light scattering. New image rendering algorithms allow for crisper text. In addition, we have made adjustments to the light guides, allowing for better optimization of the LED color spectrum to minimize color blending.

E Ink Kaleido™ 3

This new generation of E Ink Kaleido offers richer colors, along with 16 levels of grayscale and 4096 colors, perfect for displaying colorful images and information on eReaders and eNote devices. By optimizing the design of the ePaper module structure, E Ink Kaleido 3 has increased its color saturation by 30 percent compared to the previous generation, E Ink Kaleido Plus. In addition to improved color performance, Kaleido 3 uses E Ink ComfortGaze™, a front light that has been engineered to reduce the amount of blue light reflected off the surface of the display, providing further comfort while reading. The E Ink Kaleido 3 module is available in various panel sizes, including 7.8-inch, 10.3-inch, and 13.3-inch. Kaleido 3 features a black and white resolution of 300ppi, and a color resolution of 150ppi, which is an improvement over Kaleido Plus's color resolution of 100ppi. The responsiveness of the ink enables the module to play animations and videos, providing new options for digital reading and writing in educational and professional applications.


eReader, eNote, retail and transportation signage, smartphones and more.

E Ink Triton™

An E Ink Triton™ Module is comprised of a TFT backplane, Ink layer, glass based-Color Filter layer and Protective Sheet.

E Ink offers a Triton color module with 31.2", 1280 x 720 color pixel resolution, 16 levels of grayscale and 4096 colors.

Color ePaper displays enabled by E Ink Triton deliver high-contrast, sunlight readable, low-power performance that further closes the digital divide between paper and electronic displays.


E Ink Triton Displays are ideal for a variety of dynamic content applications such as indoor signage, public information board, menu board.

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E Ink Spectra™

E Ink Spectra is a multi-pigment electronic ink offered in mass production for retail and electronic shelf tag labels. EPDs using Spectra offer the same high-contrast, sunlight readable, low-power performance attributes of our other display types - now with a pop of color. The first generation of Spectra, E Ink Spectra™ 3000, features black, white and red or yellow pigments.

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E Ink Spectra™ 3100

The new four-particle electronic ink, E Ink SpectraTM 3100, is a major step forward in the technology, and incorporates retailer’s requests for additional color functionality, by utilizing black, white, red and yellow particles to offer vibrant color rich content. Unlike earlier generations, Spectra 3100 has an improved update time, and an expanded temperature range for red and yellow states, to satisfy retailers’ needs to operate ESL tags in various environments within their stores. In addition, Spectra 3100 will be offered in panels with an updated all-in-one driver IC that supports premium ESLs with higher resolution across various sizes.

E Ink Spectra™ 3100 Plus

Spectra 3100 Plus adds bright orange to the existing four colors (black, white, red, and yellow) of the previous generation. The combination of five vivid and saturated colors creates a more eye-catching display, which will help retailers improve their marketing and advertising performance. E Ink Spectra 3100 Plus adopts a new waveform to display the fifth color, orange. In addition to offering a wide range of solid and saturated colors, E Ink Spectra 3100 Plus can create a partial image flashing effect, E Ink Sparkle, when E Ink Spectra 3100 Plus is equipped with the relevant All-in-One Driver IC.

E Ink Spectra 3100 Plus offers a variety of display sizes, including 1.64-inch, 2.36-inch, 3-inch, 4.37-inch, 7.3-inch, and 8.14-inch, allowing retailers to choose a suitable size of five-color ePaper for different application scenarios.


E Ink Spectra has been optimized for the electronic shelf label and point-of-purchase signage markets.

E Ink Prism™

E Ink Prism™ is a unique and dynamic material for design which incorporates both black and white, and color changing electronic ink technology

E Ink Prism™ will transform the way spaces and surroundings are experienced. Manufacturers and designers will now have the ability to integrate innovative films with architectural and design to dynamically change colors, patterns, and habitats.

It doesn’t stop at color. Programmable patterns and shapes can be integrated to create designs or function. Doors can indicate if a conference room is occupied, wall designs can respond to noise, temperature, or motion in the room. Whatever the idea, the opportunities are endless and only limited by a designer’s imagination.


Appliances, automotive, architectural material, interior design, furniture, retail point of promotion (POP), way-finding, notice indicator, fashion.