E Ink has a foundation of programs and processes that reinforce our cultural aspirations. E Ink invests in development options including online learning, traditional and virtual classrooms, targeted learning for key populations using learning maps, informal peer networks and other innovative methods.

Opportunities for professional and personal growth

  • A financially profitable organization with a strong reputation for hiring the best people and giving them the opportunity to do their best work.
  • A unique work environment that welcomes and encourages fun, enthusiasm and collaboration throughout the company.
  • Opportunities to work for those in need - E Ink volunteer work across a range of employee run programs.

Our Approach

We expect all employees to behave in a way that is positive, accountable and results-driven. These expectations ensure we’re selecting, developing, rewarding and managing performance in a way that reinforces a high performance culture. We provide continuous training for our employees to raise the bar in their job performance, and in preparing for their future steps with the Company.

  • New Employee Orientation: To help our new colleagues understand and familiarize with the E Ink family, we have implemented a detailed orientation course targeted for our new employees.
  • Leadership Development: E Ink provides a series of leadership development programs to enhance organizational capabilities and cultivate talents, depending on the different management levels and competencies of the employee.
  • Quality Control: To maintain the highest level of quality standards for our product, we have structured training seminars and implemented quality management programs for our employees. We emphasize environmental awareness as part of the key education programs.

Multiple Learning Channel

At E Ink, we provide multiple learning channels to help develop and improve professional skills. We encourage employees to take the best advantage of learning resources whenever time allows.